Participate In A Committee

One of the most effective ways to take advantage of your AAA-CPA membership is by volunteering to serve on a committee. Committee work requires only a minimal time commitment as most meetings are conducted via conference call or email.

Please indicate the committee(s) below that you are interested serving on. The Committee Chair will be notified of your interest and you will be added to the Google Group listserv for each committee.

We also provide a PDF form.


    AMERICAN COLLEGE OF ATTORNEY-CPAS: Focuses on the qualifications and guidelines for acceptance into the College.CHAPTER & REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Assists chapter leaders to strengthen existing chapter and explore ways to provide additional value to members on the chapter level.ETHICS & DUAL RIGHTS: Focuses on protecting the rights of Attorney-CPAs to be dually licensed professionals.EDUCATION: Assists in developing the education content for the Academy’s national meetings.FINANCE: Manages the financial resources, reviews and revises governance policies and procedures.MARKETING: Assists the staff in development of marketing initiatives to enhance the Academy’s reputation, visibility and branding. Participates in development of recruitment programs and efforts to increase marketability of the Academy for current members.MEETINGS: Assists the staff in the selection of venues for national and regional meetings along with setting the schedule of events.MENTORING: Implements ideas and best practices to assist other members in their professional development and creates undergraduate and law school programs to assist students who express interest in being an Attorney-CPA.MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Creates materials, policies, goals and activities to attract and retain members.SECURITIES REGULATION: Focuses on security regulation and legislative issues and explores developing a working relationship with security regulatory bodies and agencies.SPONSORSHIP: Develops and maintains relationships with potential sponsors of the AAA-CPA


    ASSET PROTECTION: Focuses on heightening awareness of asset protection planning, develops educational programs and engages various grassroots efforts.ELDER LAW: Centers on issues affecting members in the elder law arena.ESTATE PLANNING: Concentrates on issues affecting members who concentrate in estate planning, probate & trust matters.IRS TAX LIAISON: Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with the IRS and Congress on tax related issues.STATE & LOCAL TAX: Foster knowledge and resources for Attorney-CPA’s in the state and local tax arena as well as provide a source for other Attorney-CPA’s to find experts in each state to deal with specific state and local tax issues. The group will also consider taking positions on specific state or federal legislative or judicial matters dealing with state and local tax.TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION: Focuses on tax-exempt issues affecting the AAA-CPA and explores possible partnership with The National Council of Non-Profits.TECHNOLOGY: Assists the National Office in developing tools and materials for publications, public relation, social media and website.