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Joseph E. Cordell is a dually licensed attorney-certified public accountant and the Senior Partner and Founder of Cordell Planning Partners, a St. Louis-based elder care law firm dedicated to protecting seniors.

For the last three decades, Mr. Cordell has been practicing family law. Through his firm, Cordell & Cordell, he has represented men facing divorce and become a partner they can count on.

“When I went to law school, I imagined myself practicing in areas related to family law and personal planning,” said Mr. Cordell. “My firm was originally opened as a general practice firm, but what emerged over those early years was the emphasis on representing men facing divorce.

I had very strong feelings about how men were treated during a divorce, so that became my passion and focus for the last 25 years. I regard that as a wonderful investment, but I wanted to come back to my original focus of helping individuals through the challenges they face, particularly as they age.”

These issues have become immediate to Mr. Cordell as he has grown older and watched his family age. He realized through this process how critical future planning is for seniors and how vulnerable they are to irrevocable mistakes.

“I have a totally different perspective on family planning than I did as a younger man,” Mr. Cordell said. “Not only was I watching my family age, but the men I have represented for years are entering their senior years, returning to us with questions surrounding elder law and estate planning. I wanted to move forward with continuity of care and to be the trusted partner to our clients and their families through these critical moments in their lives.”

Cordell Planning Partners is the next step in Mr. Cordell’s journey of partnering with people during critical times and remaining their trusted advisor.