Chapters Nationwide

The AAA-CPA offers its members the chance to continue the networking on a local level. We currently have 15 Chapters nationwide that offer their own networking and educational programs. Full details on their programs can be found by clicking the Map or visiting our Calendar of Events.

Participate on a Committee

One of the most effective ways to take advantage of your AAA-CPA membership is by volunteering to serve on a committee.

Serving on a committee helps you connect with members, gives you a stronger voice in the decision-making process, enables you to contribute your expertise and talents in shaping policies that will affect the academy, as well as provide you with leadership opportunities.

Committee work requires only a minimal time commitment as most meetings are conducted via conference call or email.

Mentorship Program

Group study and meeting

As a mentor you can:

  • Assist in goal planning and assessment
  • Provide guidance on networking opportunities and career advancement
  • Suggest resources for development
  • Offer insight into work-life balance

As a mentee you can:

  • Create Individual Development Plans around career goals
  • Assess and improve skills and certification
  • Review and improve your résumé

Career Center

Building Your Career?

Search across locations and practice areas.

Create job alerts.


Are you a CPA enrolled in Law School? Or an attorney on your way to becoming a CPA?

We have learning resources that complement your journey into dual-licensure.

Membership List Rental

The AAA-CPA is the only association comprised of individuals who are dually-qualified as Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants. Now you have the opportunity to target over 1,000 of our unique members.

AAA-CPA membership mailing lists may be “rented” for a one- time-use mailing basis. AAA-CPA members receive a discount on this service. The list may not be reproduced, reused, or given to anyone else for his or her use without explicit permissions from the AAA-CPA. The AAA-CPA reserves the right to refuse rental of mailing lists.

To rent a membership list, complete and return the List Rental Request Form to or fax to (703) 352-8064. Payment and one-time use agreement is required to fulfill a list order. Click here to download and print the form.

Contact Us

    AAA-CPA members are encouraged to submit articles for possible inclusion on the AAA-CPA website and Weekly Updates email. Submission does not guarantee inclusion. All articles will be reviewed and considered based on the relevance to the Attorney-CPA community. Individuals will be notified if their article is published or requires editing prior to publishing. Thank you.