2020 Fall Meeting Webinar Series

The 2020 Fall Meeting Webinar Series is a virtual education series available to AAA-CPA Members and Non-Members. Education programs take place Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays November 5 – 19, 2020.
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Education Schedule

Tuesday, November 3 :: ELECTION DAY! No scheduled programs

Thursday, November 5 :: 2 pm – 4:45 pm EST – 3 credit hours
Federal Tax Developments – December 2019 – October 2020
presented by: David S. De Jong, LL.M, Esq, CPA
The program will review the most important legislation, regulations, cases and rulings in the federal tax arena during 2020.  Leading substantive developments affecting individuals, businesses, retirement plans and estates will be covered.  Key procedural changes will also be discussed.

Tuesday, November 10
2 pm – 3:15 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
Criminal Tax Update
presented by: Caroline Ciraolo, LL.M, Esq.
On October 15, 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice announced an indictment in the largest ever tax fraud investigation.  This is among a series of recent press releases involving indictments, guilty pleas, convictions, and sentencings for criminal tax violations ranging from failure to file tax returns, filing false returns, tax evasion, and conspiracies to defraud the IRS.  These announcements make it clear that IRS – Criminal Investigation and the Justice Department are actively pursuing those who willfully seek to violate the internal revenue laws.  This program will review the current landscape of criminal tax enforcement, government priorities, recent prosecutions, and best practices for those practitioners whose clients find themselves in entangled in a criminal tax investigation as a witness, subject or target.

3:30 pm – 4:45 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
Contracts and Force Majeure Clauses in the time of COVID-19
presented by: Michele Friend, Esq., CPA
COVID-19 has turned our world upside down – including our contracts and force majeure clauses. This presentation will cover how to negotiate current contract situations as well as develop language for force majeure clauses in future contracts.

Wednesday, November 11
2 pm – 3:15 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
Securities Compliance for Private Placement Offerings
Gene Trowbridge, Esq., CCIM
This presentation will inform the participants as to the tremendous scope of the private placement marketplace, alerting them to the many ways they can get involved, unknowingly, in securities law violations. The Security and Exchange Commission, the State Securities Commissioners and the courts have defined what a security is through the term “Investment Contract” and have established a concise set of rules which must be adhered to by members of the AAA-CPA and their clients. 

November 12 programs sponsored by The Breus Group, specializing in appraisal services for personal property and private collections.

Thursday, November 12
both programs presented by: Eric Rollinger, Esq., CPA and Alan Zipp, Esq., CPA
2 pm – 3:40 pm EST – 2 credit hours
Divorce Valuation Issues
States differ in their classification of marital property.  To further complicate this issue involving closely-held businesses, States differ in how they measure marital property.  Some States measure marital property value on the basis of its value to the marital community, as a going concern in the hands of the current owner.  Other States measure marital property value based on the price a willing buyer would pay for the business, and presume the current owner will be leaving the business.  Some States allow discounts for a lack of marketability and lack of control for minority interests.  Other States prohibit discounts in valuation for marital property purposes.  These issues are the fundamental elements of the Standard of Value used to measure the value of a closely-held business in divorce and will be the focus of this session.

3:45 pm – 5 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
Tax Issues in Divorce
There are many unique tax issues when assisting divorcing or divorced Taxpayers.  This program will discuss Alimony, Ambiguous Definitions of Income, Distributions from Qualified Retirement Plans Incident to Divorce, Sales of Marital Homes, Maximizing Child Related Tax Benefits, Splitting of Estimated Payments, Tax Refund Overpayments Applied to Next Year, PALs, Capital Loss Carry-Forwards, NOLs, and more.  Practitioners will gain valuable insights into the complex world of divorce taxation in this presentation

Tuesday, November 17 ::
2 pm – 3 pm EST – 1 credit hour (ethics)
AICPA Attest Independence Rules
Threats, Safeguards and Client Consent
presented by: James J. Rigos, JD, LLM, CPA
AAA-CPA Chair, Ethics and Dual Practice Committee

3:30 pm – 4:45 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
PPP – The Forgiveness Process and More
presented by: William B. LeVay, Esq., CPA and Brian Yacker, Esq., CPA
This presentation will focus on the most recent changes to the programs rules and will help explain the Forgiveness application process. Topics include: recent guidance, determining which forgiveness form to file, and revisiting the certification issue.

Thursday, November 19
2 pm – 3:15 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy
presented by: Russell Haynes, Esq.
AAA-CPA Chair, Education Committee and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Many taxpayers unable to resolve tax debts administratively with the IRS or state taxing authorities because their incomes are too high, or collection enforcement becomes unmanageable.  Although the intersection of tax and bankruptcy law is complicated, taxes are often dischargeable and is the best solution, particularly with the added financial problems caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.  This presentation will provide an overview of bankruptcy chapters 7, 13 and 11 and discuss the rules and relevant case law for discharging taxes in bankruptcy.

3:30 pm – 5 pm EST – 1.5 credit hours
IRS Challenges in the Age of the Pandemic
presentation by: Nina Olson, Executive Director, Center for Taxpayer Rights
The IRS faces unprecedented demands for assistance and must implement new programs that are key to stimulating the economy, even as it is struggling to bring its workforce up to full speed in the midst of a pandemic, dealing with antiquated technology, and trying to envision a modernized IRS.  Nina Olson will discuss these challenges from a taxpayer rights perspective, including what they mean for the upcoming filing season and beyond.

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