AAA-CPA: The Only Organization For Dually-Certified Attorney-CPAs

For dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs is tailored toward your diverse skillset.
There are a plethora of professional organizations in the legal and accounting sectors ranging from state Bar and AICPA associations to more specialized groups focusing on particular areas of practice.

With all the choices available and each owning specific membership requirements and yearly dues, it can be difficult for an attorney or accountant to determine which organizations are worth the time, effort, and money to join.

To further complicate the decision, dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs have it even harder since they are qualified in both fields, essentially doubling the pool of professional organizations they have to choose from.

However, one organization stands out as the exceptional option for these uniquely qualified individuals: The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs.

The only organization for your unique skillset

There are many advantages to joining professional organizations, such as professional development, networking opportunities, and continuing education. However, only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs tailors their association toward the particular needs of dually-certified professionals.

Attorney-CPAs combine a special combination of talents, and the requirements to maintain both accreditations are significant.

AAA-CPA tailors our programs and benefits specifically to the needs of dually-qualified professionals, including the ability to earn both CPE, CE and (m)CLE credits simultaneously, unique dual-liability insurance that covers both professions, discounts from a variety of different companies, networking events throughout the country, and more.

Through unique services like the listserv, AAA-CPA members are exposed to a variety of dually-licensed professionals working in many different fields.

Being a part of the AAA-CPA organization exposes members to an assortment of professionals with experience and expertise in a number of law and accounting fields, creating an invaluable referral network spanning the country.

AAA-CPA protects your right to dually practice

For more than 70 years, the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of dually-licensed attorneys and accountants  to practice both of their professions.

Despite numerous attempts to block dual practice over the decades, AAA-CPA has fought to ensure dually-certified Attorney-CPAs are allowed to continue their trades and advertise their unique qualifications.

After years of battles both in and out of the courtroom, dual practice is now fully allowed without any sort of restrictions on advertising your credentials. The diligent work of Attorney-CPAs over the years has paid off by allowing dually-qualified professionals to practice without fear of legal or ethical issues.

Join a long history of exclusive practitioners

The exhaustive list of professional organizations in the legal and accounting fields can be overwhelming, particularly when you consider keeping up on yearly dues and events for multiple associations.

However, for dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs is tailored toward your diverse skillset.

Membership benefits, events, and services are specifically designed to meet the educational needs of your extensive qualifications, and AAA-CPA is the only organization you can rely upon to stand up for your rights as a dual-practitioner.

By joining, you become a part of a long history of dually-licensed professionals who have fought for — and won — the right for you to continue dual practice.

Attorney-CPAs own a distinct combination of talents, intelligence and determination; don’t you deserve to be a part of an organization that works to meet your unique needs?

AAA-CPA Membership Includes Valuable Discounts

Professional organizations offer a number of membership perks for attorneys and CPAs, including networking opportunities, mentorships, the ability to earn continuing education credits and more.

However, one of the benefits that often doesn’t get nearly as much recognition are the discounts offered for a variety of products and services needed to keep a practice running smoothly.

From office supplies and shipping services to car rental and insurance, the discounts you receive for membership in the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs can be invaluable — so long as you take advantage of them.

Here are a few examples of the great cost-saving benefits offered by the AAA-CPA that can help your law or accounting firm save money on daily operations.

Dual-liability insurance

In our lawsuit-happy culture, it is crucial that every professional has a liability insurance policy to protect against potential claims of negligence. AAA-CPA offers members an exclusive dual-liability insurance plan that covers both practices under one convenient policy so dually-licensed professionals can continue practicing without having to maintain two separate insurance plans.

Shipping benefits

AAA-CPA has partnered with several major companies for great savings on shipping costs. With 26 percent off packages sent by UPS Next Day Air and letters, documents, or packages sent through UPS Worldwide Express, as well as a free trial to that includes several benefits, your firm can save considerably on weekly shipping needs.

Office supplies

While office supplies may seem like a negligible expense, the cost adds up over time. AAA-CPA has partnered with Office Depot where members can receive between 10 and 80 percent off commonly used office items. Additionally, offers a simple solution for ordering all your office supplies.

Support services

With AAA-CPA, you can receive discounts on a variety of online support services for your small practice. For example, receive a discount on Ruby Receptionist virtual receptionist services, Health Proponent’s benefits experts, and Tax Hotline’s protection plan.

Programs and education

AAA-CPA members also have access to convenient education options, like National Association of State Boards of Accountancy approved Rigos Professional Ethics courses. Additionally, Intuit offers AAA-CPA members 20 percent off the full line of QuickBooks accounting software — a great value for any accounting or law practice.

While most members of professional organizations tend to focus on perks like networking and continuing education opportunities, some of the greatest cost-saving benefits for your small practice can be found in membership discounts.

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs has fantastic discounts offered through affiliated partners, and fully taking advantage of these savings can often be worth the yearly membership dues alone.

AAA-CPA Offers Exclusive Dual-Practice Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance, is essential for even the most diligent of lawyers and accountants for two reasons:

  1. You cannot definitively rule out the possibility that you will someday make a mistake that costs your client financially; and
  2. In our Compensation Culture, it is entirely possible for a client to perceive an error and pursue a case against you regardless of whether a mistake was truly made.

Any claim of negligence would expose you to possible liability. Even if the claims are eventually dismissed, the litigation costs of frivolous lawsuits can still cost thousands of dollars.

However, there is no such thing as a standard E&O plan, as professionals in different fields require unique policies based on their exposure risks — an attorney and a CPA perform different responsibilities for clients, so the policies would need to be customized based on the tasks performed.

That leaves many dually-qualified professionals in a tough position, possibly requiring multiple policies with different providers to fully cover their practice.

Fortunately, the American Academy of Attorney-CPA has developed a unique liability policy that covers dual-practice Attorney-CPAs under one plan.

Unique liability insurance for unique professionals

Dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs are unique in their qualification to practice law while also providing the services of a CPA. However, having the ability to perform a dual role to clients also opens them to additional liability.

As an organization that understands these challenges, AAA-CPA has worked to create a special Errors and Omissions insurance plan to encompass both practice areas.

Unlike most professional liability plans, the academy’s Hays Affinity Professional Liability Insurance, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, defines its coverage to include a comprehensive list of legal and accounting professional services.

This makes holding separate law and accounting policies unnecessary and eliminates the possibility your different insurance carriers would try to deny coverage based on the area of practice relating to the other policy.

 Extensive coverage for dual-practitioners

From executor to tax advice, the Hays Affinity Professional Liability Insurance defines specific roles in the legal and accounting fields to ensure your right to practice as both an attorney and a CPA are protected.

With a broad range of limits of liability and various deductible options, the AAA-CPA dual-liability insurance allows you to customize your policy to fit your individual needs of professional coverage for services rendered as both an attorney and CPA.

Offering protections from actual or alleged errors, omissions, negligence, breach of duty, misleading statements, and similar claims resulting from the performance/non-performance of professional services, you can feel safe in your practice that even frivolous lawsuits won’t have a major impact on your future.

Both attorneys and CPAs are at risk of a malpractice suit materializing at any time, and dually-licensed professionals increase their exposure to the possibility by offering services in both industries.

It is vital that dually-licensed professionals have a safety net to protect themselves, as the costs of defending yourself out-of-pocket can be financially devastating for a small firm or solo practitioner.

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs unique dual-liability coverage is the best option for a dual-practice professional.

Specifically written to cover a wide range of legal and accounting services, the Hays Affinity Professional Liability Insurance covers all your bases with one policy, leaving you free to work without fear of losing your livelihood due to a mistake or frivolous claim.

5 Reasons To Join The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs

Attorneys and CPAs have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the professional associations they want to join, but only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs tailors our services to fit the needs of dually-qualified professionals.

With an organizational structure and programs designed to offer exclusive benefits for individuals who went above and beyond to obtain both a law degree and CPA license, AAA-CPA is a great fit for those unique professionals.
Only AAA-CPA customizes their programs to meet the specific needs of dually-qualified professionals.
Becoming a dually-qualified Attorney-CPA demonstrates exceptional determination, intelligence, and ambition, and the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs works to ensure you have the tools you need for a successful career.

The only professional organization specifically created to meet the demands and challenges of dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, AAA-CPA stands out among other professional organizations in the legal and accounting industries.

Here are five of the countless benefits AAA-CPA offers its members.

Continuing education credits

Attorneys and CPAs must meet yearly continuing education requirements to maintain their ability to practice. For dually-licensed professionals, that means finding the time to attend both law and accounting courses.

AAA-CPA understands how this can be difficult for a busy dually-licensed professional and offers several different programs to simultaneously earn CE, CPE and (M)CLE credits. Simply participating in the organization’s events is an easy way to meet your yearly requirements for both industries.

Various membership options

You do not have to have both your law degree and CPA license to join the organization; in fact, there are many different membership levels available depending on where you are in your career.

Whether you are a student pursuing your degree, you teach higher education law or accounting, you have a law or CPA license and are seeking dual qualification, or you are already dually-certified, AAA-CPA has a membership option that will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits provided by the organization.

Networking opportunities

Abundant professional networking opportunities is one of the most influential reasons to join an industry association, and one of the biggest advantages AAA-CPA has is the ability to connect dually-qualified individuals across the country.

Only a small fraction of attorneys and CPAs achieve dual-certification, and through the AAA-CPAs national and regional events, study groups, and exclusive Listserv, members are able to expand their professional network and learn from the combined experience of other dually-qualified Attorney-CPAs.

Leadership potential

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs offers ample opportunities for members to take an active role in the organization’s direction through a variety of committees that help shape policies benefiting the entire organization.

From committees that deal with developing the organization’s education programs to committees that highlight issues in specific practice areas, there are more than a dozen different options if you want to get involved in the decision-making process.

Sponsor discounts

Reducing the cost of daily operations for a solo practice or small firm can go a long way toward your bottom line, and AAA-CPA membership offers many fantastic savings opportunities through our affiliated sponsors.

With discounts ranging from office supplies and shipping costs to liability insurance and support services, the money you can save by taking advantage of the organization’s discount program can be worth the cost of membership alone.

All law and accounting industry associations have their fair share of benefits, but only AAA-CPA customizes their programs to meet the specific needs of dually-qualified professionals.

If you are looking for an organization that connects you with peers, offers events to meet your continuing education requirements, and has ample leadership opportunities, look no further than the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs.