AAA-CPA Simplifies The Search For Your New Attorney & Accountant

Whatever your reasons are for seeking the services of an attorney or CPA, you want to find the best possible candidate to meet your needs.
AAA-CPA is the logical starting point in your search for a well-rounded professional to handle your legal or financial needs.
This usually means meeting with multiple lawyers or accountants to narrow your search based in large part on certain professional characteristics — a process that can be difficult and time-consuming.

However, taking specific credentials into consideration can make the decision easier.

Dually-qualified members of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs, who are licensed to practice both law and perform the tasks of a CPA, possess the talents and ability necessary to meet a variety of your legal and financial needs.

Regardless of the profession that an Attorney-CPA emphasizes, having learned professional skills through the viewpoint of two complementary industries gives an Attorney-CPA a far more comprehensive perspective.

Starting your search with AAA-CPA members will often simplify the selection process by allowing you to consider well-rounded professionals who possess a superior skillset.

A combination of professional qualities

When someone needs to hire an attorney or CPA, there are certain qualities they want the professional to embody. Some of these include:

  • Up-to-date knowledge — Law and accounting practices are constantly evolving. If you are hiring someone to manage your business’ money or help you resolve a legal problem, you want to be sure your professional is informed on the latest industry trends and regulations.
  • Honesty — You want an attorney or CPA who is going to shoot straight with you and not simply tell you what you want to hear. When you need a lawyer or accountant, there will likely be serious ramifications depending on the choices you make, so you need to ensure your professional is up front about your options.
  • Analytical & resourceful — Whether you are dealing with personal finance or trying to sort out asset division in a divorce, you need an accountant or attorney that is able to view problems from all angles and devise creative solutions to get you the best possible outcome.
  • Good communication skills — Your attorney or CPA needs to be able to break down complex legal and financial jargon in a way that you as a client can understand. Additionally, you want a professional who will listen to your concerns so they don’t miss any pertinent information.

Although other characteristics should be considered, such as experienced, organized, and ethical, there is clearly a great deal of crossover when it comes to the qualities you should be looking for in an attorney or accountant.

This makes the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs a great place to start your search since members have the education and experience of two professional industries in one person.

Benefits of AAA-CPA members

Regardless of whether they are primarily working as an accountant or practicing law, a dually-licensed Attorney-CPA offers clients superior service due to their extensive education and training in two highly-technical fields.

Not only are they able to view problems through the lens of both an accountant and a lawyer, but they also have had the opportunity to learn professional qualities in two different settings. This combination can offer a far better perspective than someone who has only been trained in one field.

Additionally, with access to a number of exclusive resources provided by the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs, members are much better equipped to handle problems you may have.

For example, the AAA-CPA Listserv connects the entire organization, which consists of an international membership base practicing a diverse range of legal and accounting concentrations.

The ability to access a vast network of experienced attorneys and accountants means your attorney will be able to find answers for even your most obscure questions. They are also able to provide quality referrals should you or someone you know need an out-of-state expert or someone who specializes in different area of practice.

And with more than a dozen committees designed to keep members knowledgeable on the latest changes in a variety of legal and financial practice areas, you can feel assured that your Attorney-CPA is well-versed in current industry trends and regulations.

Should the time come that you need to seek the services of a lawyer or accountant, don’t become overwhelmed trying to find the right fit.

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs is the logical starting point in your search for a well-rounded professional to handle your legal or financial needs.

Through rigorous education and balanced experience, beginning with a dually-qualified AAA-CPA professionals will greatly simplify the selection process for your law or accounting needs.