AAA-CPA: The Only Organization For Dually-Certified Attorney-CPAs

For dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs is tailored toward your diverse skillset.
There are a plethora of professional organizations in the legal and accounting sectors ranging from state Bar and AICPA associations to more specialized groups focusing on particular areas of practice.

With all the choices available and each owning specific membership requirements and yearly dues, it can be difficult for an attorney or accountant to determine which organizations are worth the time, effort, and money to join.

To further complicate the decision, dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs have it even harder since they are qualified in both fields, essentially doubling the pool of professional organizations they have to choose from.

However, one organization stands out as the exceptional option for these uniquely qualified individuals: The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs.

The only organization for your unique skillset

There are many advantages to joining professional organizations, such as professional development, networking opportunities, and continuing education. However, only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs tailors their association toward the particular needs of dually-certified professionals.

Attorney-CPAs combine a special combination of talents, and the requirements to maintain both accreditations are significant.

AAA-CPA tailors our programs and benefits specifically to the needs of dually-qualified professionals, including the ability to earn both CPE, CE and (m)CLE credits simultaneously, unique dual-liability insurance that covers both professions, discounts from a variety of different companies, networking events throughout the country, and more.

Through unique services like the listserv, AAA-CPA members are exposed to a variety of dually-licensed professionals working in many different fields.

Being a part of the AAA-CPA organization exposes members to an assortment of professionals with experience and expertise in a number of law and accounting fields, creating an invaluable referral network spanning the country.

AAA-CPA protects your right to dually practice

For more than 70 years, the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of dually-licensed attorneys and accountants  to practice both of their professions.

Despite numerous attempts to block dual practice over the decades, AAA-CPA has fought to ensure dually-certified Attorney-CPAs are allowed to continue their trades and advertise their unique qualifications.

After years of battles both in and out of the courtroom, dual practice is now fully allowed without any sort of restrictions on advertising your credentials. The diligent work of Attorney-CPAs over the years has paid off by allowing dually-qualified professionals to practice without fear of legal or ethical issues.

Join a long history of exclusive practitioners

The exhaustive list of professional organizations in the legal and accounting fields can be overwhelming, particularly when you consider keeping up on yearly dues and events for multiple associations.

However, for dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs is tailored toward your diverse skillset.

Membership benefits, events, and services are specifically designed to meet the educational needs of your extensive qualifications, and AAA-CPA is the only organization you can rely upon to stand up for your rights as a dual-practitioner.

By joining, you become a part of a long history of dually-licensed professionals who have fought for — and won — the right for you to continue dual practice.

Attorney-CPAs own a distinct combination of talents, intelligence and determination; don’t you deserve to be a part of an organization that works to meet your unique needs?