AAA-CPA Membership Includes Valuable Discounts

Professional organizations offer a number of membership perks for attorneys and CPAs, including networking opportunities, mentorships, the ability to earn continuing education credits and more.

However, one of the benefits that often doesn’t get nearly as much recognition are the discounts offered for a variety of products and services needed to keep a practice running smoothly.

From office supplies and shipping services to car rental and insurance, the discounts you receive for membership in the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs can be invaluable — so long as you take advantage of them.

Here are a few examples of the great cost-saving benefits offered by the AAA-CPA that can help your law or accounting firm save money on daily operations.

Dual-liability insurance

In our lawsuit-happy culture, it is crucial that every professional has a liability insurance policy to protect against potential claims of negligence. AAA-CPA offers members an exclusive dual-liability insurance plan that covers both practices under one convenient policy so dually-licensed professionals can continue practicing without having to maintain two separate insurance plans.

Shipping benefits

AAA-CPA has partnered with several major companies for great savings on shipping costs. With 26 percent off packages sent by UPS Next Day Air and letters, documents, or packages sent through UPS Worldwide Express, as well as a free trial to that includes several benefits, your firm can save considerably on weekly shipping needs.

Office supplies

While office supplies may seem like a negligible expense, the cost adds up over time. AAA-CPA has partnered with Office Depot where members can receive between 10 and 80 percent off commonly used office items. Additionally, offers a simple solution for ordering all your office supplies.

Support services

With AAA-CPA, you can receive discounts on a variety of online support services for your small practice. For example, receive a discount on Ruby Receptionist virtual receptionist services, Health Proponent’s benefits experts, and Tax Hotline’s protection plan.

Programs and education

AAA-CPA members also have access to convenient education options, like National Association of State Boards of Accountancy approved Rigos Professional Ethics courses. Additionally, Intuit offers AAA-CPA members 20 percent off the full line of QuickBooks accounting software — a great value for any accounting or law practice.

While most members of professional organizations tend to focus on perks like networking and continuing education opportunities, some of the greatest cost-saving benefits for your small practice can be found in membership discounts.

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs has fantastic discounts offered through affiliated partners, and fully taking advantage of these savings can often be worth the yearly membership dues alone.