AAA-CPA Listserv ‘Alone Is Worth The Annual Dues’

From discounts with numerous retailers to earning your CPE and CLE credit simultaneously, the American Academy Of Attorney-CPAs offers a number of useful resources to its members. However, one of the most beneficial (and often underappreciated) is the AAA-CPA Listserv, which connects all members of the organization regardless of where you practice.

Utilizing this service offers an almost incalculable value, as you are able to draw on the combined knowledge and expertise of hundreds of dually-licensed practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Additionally, the Listserv offers a sense of community and camaraderie by increasing your network of like-minded professionals across the country — something that would typically be very difficult to accomplish due to the exclusivity of dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs.

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

“The Listserv alone is worth the annual dues.”
Matthew McBride
AAA-CPA Member
Marine City, MI

Whether you have been a practicing attorney or CPA for 5 years or thirty, you are never going to have all the answers. You are bound to have a problem come up at some point that leaves you scratching your head or at least unsure of exactly how to proceed.

The AAA-CPA Listserv offers a go-to resource to seek advice and guidance from hundreds of professionals in your field. You are able to start a discussion regarding extremely technical aspects of accounting or law and receive real-time input that is sure to tackle the problem from every angle, guaranteeing that you do not miss anything.

The combined experience of the organization available at your fingertips is an invaluable resource, as you will not be able to access this exclusive knowledgebase anywhere else.

It is also particularly useful for solo practitioners, since you do not have an entire firm of experts available to help brainstorm solutions to complex problems.

The AAA-CPA Listserv offers small firms and practices a resource that is potentially even greater than what is available to the largest law or accounting firms.

Bringing Attorney-CPAs together

The Attorney-CPA designation is exceedingly unique, leaving individuals who hold a dual-certification in fairly exclusive company. Even in major markets, you are unlikely to have a large number of local dually-licensed attorneys or CPAs available to be a part of your professional network.

In addition to serving as a tool to aid your practice, the AAA-CPA Listserv expands your access to professionals with equivalent credentials to a network that spans the country.

You are able to get to know other like-minded individuals from a variety of different practice areas, offering you the opportunity to make new friends and colleagues from the comfort of your home or office.

You are also able to find individuals who specialize in different areas than your own area of expertise to become a point of contact for problems that are out of your comfort zone.

And since the member base focuses on a wide variety of practice areas, the Listserv becomes an excellent referral source for clients who may need an expert in a different jurisdiction or with different skillsets.

For example, you may have a local client come in who has needs guidance on an issue out of state. By a simple post in the Listserv, you will be able to refer your client to an equally-qualified individual that can provide for their needs in less than 24 hours.

While some of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs benefits have value that is more tangible, none offer more potential worth than the AAA-CPA Listserv.

Through an improved network of dually-licensed professionals that offers an excellent referral source and a wealth of unparalleled knowledge in the field, the Listserv alone is worth membership in the organization.