Continuing Education

Simultaneously Earn Continuing Education Credits With AAA-CPA

One of the greatest advantages to joining a professional association for attorneys and accountants is the ability to earn your yearly continuing education requirements by attending organization events.

This is particularly important for dually-licensed professionals, as the obligation for maintaining two professional licenses is far more cumbersome.

As the only organization dedicated to serving dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, the American Academy Of Attorney-CPAs understands the unique challenges of dual certification and offers several convenient ways to earn your CE, CPE, and (M)CLE credits.

Registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy as a sponsor of continuing professional education, AAA-CPA is able to provide a variety of continuing education courses to help you simultaneously obtain credits for both your law and CPA license.

Through national and local meetings, webinar study groups, strategic partnerships, and more, AAA-CPA works to provide members with a simple solution to keep up with their yearly educational requirements.

National meetings

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs two biggest events — the Fall Meeting in November and the Annual Meeting in the Summer — offer ample opportunities to not only network with other dually-qualified members from across the country but also catch up on all your education requirements.

Both conferences offer 15-20 hours of CE, CPE, and (M)CLE credits helping you simultaneously earn your yearly requirements for both licenses.

Study Groups

Each year, AAA-CPA hosts a number of complimentary hour-long webinars that are moderated by a member of the organization, which cover a variety of industry-related topics. Some examples include Tax Practice Ethical Standards, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Financial Elder Law Abuse, and more.

For a $15 fee, members can receive 1 hour of CPE, CE or (M)CLE credit for attending each study group (subject to state approval) from the comfort of your home or office.

Regional chapters

With regional chapters spread across the country tasked with devising and hosting local meetings and activities throughout the year, regional events offer AAA-CPA members the chance to meet with other dually-licensed professionals in their area.

Additionally, regional chapters provide opportunities for members to obtain their CPE, CE and (M)CLE credits without excessive travel demands.

Synergy Summit

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs is a proud member of the Synergy Summit, a collaboration of eight major financial and legal service organizations that include AICPA-PFP, AICPA-Tax, NAELA, ABA RPTE, and more.

As a AAA-CPA member you can receive discounts when attending Synergy Summit events to reduce the financial burden of obtaining your CPE, CLE, (M)CLE, and CE credits.

Keeping up with your continuing education requirements is critical for every attorney or CPA, but for dually-licensed professionals, it can become even more challenging to find the time to attend both law and accounting events.

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs strives to offer convenient options for members to earn their credits simultaneously, which diminishes the stress of maintaining dual certification and leaves you more time to dedicate toward your career goals.