Content Marketing

Content Marketing For Small Practices

At this point in time, having a website is a must for any business, particularly those that offer services like law and accounting firms.
Content marketing has become a foundation for success in the age of digital marketing.
However, simply creating a website for your practice does not guarantee you will effectively generate new leads or convert those leads into new clients.

To improve web presence and firm reputation, many legal and financial practices have begun incorporating content marketing into their digital marketing strategies — and it’s paying off.

With benefits that include increased website visibility, engaged consumers, and improved lead generation and conversion, content marketing is creating an effective new method for retaining clients in the legal and accounting fields.

‘Content is king’

While not necessarily a new concept, the idea that “content is king” has become a popular refrain in the world of digital marketing over the past several years.

The basic principle of content marketing is simple: creating unique and valuable content that is useful, entertaining, or interesting will encourage web users to stay on your site, share the information with their friends, increase your website’s search visibility, enhance brand recognition, and ultimately lead to new clients.

While the easiest and most basic form of content marketing would be writing articles covering various topics in your industry, it does not have to stop there — videos, images, infographics, podcasts, webinars, e-newsletters, etc., can all be incorporated to provide users with practical information.

And since it is essentially a given that your law or accounting firm has a website, you already have the perfect place to host your content — right on your homepage.

Incorporating a simple blogroll or news section takes little time and exponentially increases the value of your website to potential clients researching topics in your field.

It also gives you the ability to demonstrate that your practice has the knowledge and experience to represent a client’s needs.

Instead of having potential clients’ base their decision off a simple description of the services offered by your firm, content marketing allows those interested leads to see for themselves that you are the subject matter expert on the relevant content you post.

Taking advantage of content marketing

All you need to start producing valuable content for your website are three things: Expertise and insightful analysis, a publishing medium, and the motivation to create it. Even the smallest of law and accounting firms should have these basic tools on hand.

While it is easy to claim “I’m too busy,” the benefits of spending as little as an hour or two a week breaking down complex legal and financial concepts into readily-understood articles or videos far outweigh the time it takes to produce them.

In fact, law firms have been some of the quickest to adopt content marketing strategies as a means of reaching new clients because as soon as someone has legal problems, the first place they are going to turn for answers is search engines.

If you are able to produce useful and engaging content that provides answers to these common questions, you have a much better chance of being remembered should they need the services of legal or financial professional.

Additionally, you are able to utilize the blog on your website as a primary source for your social media strategy to share with your fans and followers.

Content marketing has become a foundation for success in the age of digital marketing, and law or accounting firms are some of the best-equipped practices to utilize this technique to enhance their reputation and discover new leads.

If your website is simply a landing page with a section explaining the services you offer, an “About Us” page, and contact information, you are not fully capitalizing on your digital marketing potential.