The Benefits Of Blogging For Small Law & Accounting Firms

Content is king in terms of digital marketing, and the easiest way for your law or accounting firm to produce quality content is by maintaining an active blog on your website.

Blogging has become the cornerstone of content marketing, as companies big and small look to increase website traffic and compete for the top search result rankings.
The long-term benefit of ranking higher in search engines will pay dividends long after the initial post is published on your site.
By producing regular articles that offer tips and news on a variety of topics related to your practice, even smaller law and accounting firms are able to establish a reputation as a reliable source of industry information.

Adding a simple blogroll or news section to your firm’s homepage and publishing regular content helps boost traffic to your page by creating more opportunities to show up in search engines, demonstrates expertise in your field, creates content to share on social media, and helps influence potential leads to retain.

Blogging may seem easy enough on the surface; you simply type an article and post it to your website, right? However, there are several ways you can improve your blog quality and make the process more efficient.

Create an editorial calendar

One of the biggest hurdles to successful blogging is finding the time to sit down and write. By setting a schedule of topics you want to cover and projected publishing dates, you are much more likely to stick with your goal of regular blog updates. Free tools like Trello make it easy to brainstorm ideas and assign due dates to yourself or various team members.

Vary your content

Try to keep your content as fresh and unique as possible. Cover everything from common mistakes clients make, reminders of upcoming deadlines, changes to industry regulations and how that impacts consumers, current events, and more. You want to create new and interesting pieces so it doesn’t just seem like the same old topics and formats with every post.

Include images

Similar to social media, you should include images with your blog posts to improve user engagement and make your articles more aesthetically pleasing. There are several websites that provide free stock photos, such as Pixabay, though fee-based services like Adobe Stock offer a cheap option for high-quality photos.

Publish regular updates

In an ideal world, you would post a new blog update several times a week. However, time constraints may allow you to only publish something as frequently as you can fit into your schedule. Although you may only see a short blip of new traffic shortly after each article is posted, quality content will start ranking in search engines months or years down the line and continue bringing in new potential customers to your site.

Share on social media

Blog posts and social media go hand-in-hand; not only is social media a great way to share unique content to help improve your following, but it also quickly gets your new articles in front of more eyes. You can share new posts several times throughout the week, and don’t be afraid to share older content so long as it is relevant.

The benefits of blogging for small law and accounting firms are countless, ranging from brand building and improved reputation to increasing traffic and generating more clients.

If you are not already doing so, it would be extremely beneficial to begin dedicating an hour or two each week to producing quality content for your website.

Not only does blogging pay off in the short term by giving you a bump in traffic through shares on social media, but the long-term benefit of ranking higher in search engines will pay dividends long after the initial post is published on your site.