Find Abundant Professional Networking Opportunities With AAA-CPA

One of the greatest benefits to joining a law or accounting industry association is the opportunity to expand your professional network.
Joining AAA-CPA is an easy choice for anyone looking to meet and share experiences with other dually-qualified professionals.
Through attending local, national and virtual events, attorneys and accountants are able to meet influential thought leaders, learn from more experienced members and gain recognition in your respective field.

This is even more important for dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs since you are able to learn how other dually-licensed professionals took advantage of their unique qualifications to become successful, which can help you define your career path and avoid mistakes along the way.

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs offers numerous networking events throughout the year that offer excellent opportunities to connect with other dually-licensed professionals working in a diverse range of practice areas.

National & regional events

AAA-CPA hosts two major national events each year in their Annual Summer and Fall Conferences, which offers members the opportunity to attend multi-day events of networking and educational seminars on a variety of law and accounting topics.

Local chapters

With 14 chapters located across the country, most AAA-CPA members are able to network with dually-qualified professionals in their local area.

Study groups

AAA-CPA Study Group webinars allow members to attend hour-long teleconferences from the comfort of their home or office. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience with other Attorney-CPAs who focus their practice on entirely different areas of law and accounting.


You are bound to run into questions you are unsure about in your practice. However, the exclusive AAA-CPA Listserv allows you to share your questions with dually-licensed professionals from around the world and solve problems with the combined brainpower of the organization. The AAA-CPA Listserv is a great place to network with other members, seek advice, and find referrals.

Synergy Summit

As an AAA-CPA member, you are automatically eligible to receive discounts when attending Synergy Summit events. Comprised of members from eight major financial and legal service organizations, including the ABA and the AICPA, Synergy Summit events offer the opportunity to meet professionals outside of AAA-CPA.

Obviously, networking is all about what you make of it: Organizations can offer all the tools and resources in the world to connect you with other like-minded professionals, but you must utilize them to actually improve your professional network.

The networking opportunities afforded by the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs are unique in their ability to connect dually-qualified professionals in your local area, as well as across the country.

As the only organization focused on the unique needs of dually-qualified Attorney-CPAs, joining AAA-CPA is an easy choice for anyone looking to meet and share experiences with other dually-qualified professionals.