6 Tips For Creating A Simple Social Media Strategy

Now that you realize the role social media plays in modern marketing, it is time to create a social media strategy that capitalizes on all the potential benefits this medium offers.

With some preparation up front, it is entirely possible to develop a simple — but effective — social media strategy for your practice that takes as little as 15 minutes per day to maintain.

Whether you are just embarking into the world of social media marketing or you have created accounts but need a more structured plan of attack, implementing and sustaining a social media strategy is crucial if you want to successfully reap the rewards of your social presence.

Set your goals

Before you start, it is important to determine what you want to get out of social media. For most small firms and practices, this will likely begin as brand recognition and eventually develop into a method for adding new clients as your following and reputation grows.

Pick your networks

For the most part, a beginner social media strategy for a small law or CPA practice should probably focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms are some of the most popular social networks available and support the sharing of text, image, video, and link posts without overemphasizing one type above another.

Define your audience

You probably have a good idea of your target demographic, but to effectively utilize social media in your marketing, you really need to sit down and define the specific characteristics of the audience you want to reach. Everything from their age and income down to what their favorite sports teams or TV shows they watch can help you tailor content to relate with potential clients.

Find content sources

After you have set your goals, created social accounts, and defined your audience, it is time to start posting. The first place to look for content is your own internally generated blog posts and articles — anything you create as a part of content marketing can be transformed into a social post. Next, look to industry leaders and share their useful posts, as it will benefit your potential clients as well as improve your social networking.

Utilize third-party tools

Posting regularly is crucial to growing your social media following, but who has the time to spend hours creating new tweets and status updates every single day? Fortunately, that is not a problem due to the plethora of third-party tools that allow you to queue posts days — or even weeks — in advance. You simply need to spend 30 minutes queueing up posts at the start of the week, and then check in periodically to respond to your followers or comment on other posts.

Track and analyze your results

After you have set everything up and been posting for a while, you should periodically check in with the native analytics on the individual social networks, as well as those provided by third-party sources. This will help you determine which posts are getting the most attention and allow you to adjust your content to provide more value to your followers.

Whether you like it or not, social media has become a major influencer in today’s culture. Small businesses around the world — including law and accounting firms — are already taking advantage of this medium to help build brand recognition and generate leads.

If you are not already tapping into the social media market, it is time to create a simple but effective strategy that will help your practice stand out in an industry that has been relatively slow to incorporate social media into its overall marketing formula.

There is still plenty of room for law and accounting firms to carve out their niche in the social world, and the longer you wait, the more time you are giving your competition to beat you to the punch.