5 Reasons To Join The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs

Attorneys and CPAs have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the professional associations they want to join, but only the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs tailors our services to fit the needs of dually-qualified professionals.

With an organizational structure and programs designed to offer exclusive benefits for individuals who went above and beyond to obtain both a law degree and CPA license, AAA-CPA is a great fit for those unique professionals.
Only AAA-CPA customizes their programs to meet the specific needs of dually-qualified professionals.
Becoming a dually-qualified Attorney-CPA demonstrates exceptional determination, intelligence, and ambition, and the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs works to ensure you have the tools you need for a successful career.

The only professional organization specifically created to meet the demands and challenges of dually-licensed Attorney-CPAs, AAA-CPA stands out among other professional organizations in the legal and accounting industries.

Here are five of the countless benefits AAA-CPA offers its members.

Continuing education credits

Attorneys and CPAs must meet yearly continuing education requirements to maintain their ability to practice. For dually-licensed professionals, that means finding the time to attend both law and accounting courses.

AAA-CPA understands how this can be difficult for a busy dually-licensed professional and offers several different programs to simultaneously earn CE, CPE and (M)CLE credits. Simply participating in the organization’s events is an easy way to meet your yearly requirements for both industries.

Various membership options

You do not have to have both your law degree and CPA license to join the organization; in fact, there are many different membership levels available depending on where you are in your career.

Whether you are a student pursuing your degree, you teach higher education law or accounting, you have a law or CPA license and are seeking dual qualification, or you are already dually-certified, AAA-CPA has a membership option that will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits provided by the organization.

Networking opportunities

Abundant professional networking opportunities is one of the most influential reasons to join an industry association, and one of the biggest advantages AAA-CPA has is the ability to connect dually-qualified individuals across the country.

Only a small fraction of attorneys and CPAs achieve dual-certification, and through the AAA-CPAs national and regional events, study groups, and exclusive Listserv, members are able to expand their professional network and learn from the combined experience of other dually-qualified Attorney-CPAs.

Leadership potential

The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs offers ample opportunities for members to take an active role in the organization’s direction through a variety of committees that help shape policies benefiting the entire organization.

From committees that deal with developing the organization’s education programs to committees that highlight issues in specific practice areas, there are more than a dozen different options if you want to get involved in the decision-making process.

Sponsor discounts

Reducing the cost of daily operations for a solo practice or small firm can go a long way toward your bottom line, and AAA-CPA membership offers many fantastic savings opportunities through our affiliated sponsors.

With discounts ranging from office supplies and shipping costs to liability insurance and support services, the money you can save by taking advantage of the organization’s discount program can be worth the cost of membership alone.

All law and accounting industry associations have their fair share of benefits, but only AAA-CPA customizes their programs to meet the specific needs of dually-qualified professionals.

If you are looking for an organization that connects you with peers, offers events to meet your continuing education requirements, and has ample leadership opportunities, look no further than the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs.