American College of Attorney-CPAs

The American College of Attorney Certified Public Accountants was established to recognize those members who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their profession through their attendance at quality professional educational events of the Academy.

Three tiers of status for Members to earn:

REGENT – The most prestigious designation – 300 hours over any period of
15 consecutive years
DIPLOMATE – 200 hours of education within 10 years
FELLOW – 100 hours of education credits within five years  


John C. Akard
Richard J. Alphonso
David M. Berger
Joseph E. Cordell
E. Martin Davidoff
David S. De Jong
Morris A. Kaplan
William B. LeVay
Robert C. Maida
Thomas W. McCulloch
William G. Nolen
Howard A. Port
John W. Pramberg
C. Murray Saylor, Jr.
Robert W. Scharar
David B. Torchinsky
Sydney S. Traum
Walter C. Youngman, Jr.


Howard O. Bernstein
Michael E. Breslin
Shirley A. Derke
Bernard Eizen
David W. Klasing
Jo Ann M. Koontz
James J. Rigos
Eric J. Rollinger
David W. Slavitt


Paul H. Burgess
Christina Doherty
James R. Ebert
Michele B. Friend
Christopher Kolenda
Ralph V. Switzer, Jr.

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