Louis S. Goldberg Memorial Award

The Louis S. Goldberg Memorial Award is named in honor of Louis S. Goldberg, an Attorney-CPA and “Honorary Past President” of the AAA-CPA, who laid the ground work through his writings and sound legal arguments, regarding the right that dual licensees have, in practicing as they deem fit for the public good. The AAA-CPA bestows this award to those who have continued in the tradition of Louis S. Goldberg. Past award recipients include:

1984Richard M. Orin
1985Philip D. Brent
1987Jay G. Foonberg
1993Robert Scharar
1994Sydney S. Traum
1998Joseph L. Brotherton
1999L. Harold Levinson
2004R. Leonard Weiner
2009David S. De Jong
2010Richard Alphonso
2012R. Stephen Scott
2017Patti M. Richards

Sydney S. Traum Award

This Sydney S. Traum Award is named in honor of Sydney S. Traum, Past President of the AAA-CPA and a lifetime member, who has contributed to the continued enhancement of the Academy and industry. Sydney’s visionary hard work and creative insight has positively changed the Academy forever. The award will recognize an Attorney-CPA member that also sustains this commitment and their substantial contributions to the organization.