Our Mission and History

Why Dual Rights Remains Important

The AAA-CPA is an organization comprised of individuals who have dually-qualified as attorneys and certified public accountants. Its mission is to provide its members with quality education, opportunities to connect and the professional resources to support and develop their practices. We are also committed to safeguarding the right of the public to access the unique expertise of our members.

  • Leadership


    The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs offers ample opportunities for members to take an active role in the organization’s direction through a variety of committees that help shape policies benefiting the entire organization.

  • Bylaws


    Consult Bylaws for the following:

    • The objectives of the Association
    • Classes of membership
    • Categories of Affiliates
    • Dues structure
    • Special membership meetings
    • Selection of Officers
    • Chapters


  • Foundation


    The Attorney-CPA Foundation strives to be the leading philanthropic institution dedicated to the study of Law and Accounting. It promotes scholarly research and academic excellence in these two fields with a special emphasis on areas where Law and Accounting intersect or overlap.

    It promotes education of individuals studying in these joint areas and the education of each profession and the general public about the unique qualities of dually qualified practitioners. It strives to be the primary resource for factual information about issues of specific interest to Attorney-CPAs.

  • Awards


    View past recipients of the Louis S. Goldberg Memorial Award named in honor of Louis S. Goldberg, an Attorney-CPA and “Honorary Past President” of the AAA-CPA who laid the ground work through his writings and sound legal arguments that dual licensees have the right to practice as they deem fit for the public good.

  • Staff


    Contact the National Office Staff about meetings, membership, chapters, and more.

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